Covid-19 Safety & Sanitation Processes

We are taking several precautions in 2020 to continue to operate, but safely for our customers.  Businesses face risk every day, certainly in the golf industry with swinging clubs and golf balls. So cleaning, creating social distancing and while new processes in place, is just what small businesses do!  Small businesses can evolve more quickly than larger businesses, and you will see this when you come to Genesis Golf. Some of the ways include:

  • Please make in advance reservations for evening hours. While we have posted hours that fluctuate each month, if there are no reservations for an evening, nor a special event, we will leave early. 2020 sadly has become that kind of year…
  • We will stagger tee times and also leave 15 minutes in between for checking out patrons and sanitizing your station
  • A sneeze guard has been installed at our Snack Shack, where transactions will be made
  • If there are other golfers at Genesis Golf, we request that you wear a face mask when entering the building or walking in common areas. However, we will also not enforce mask wearing. We allow you to take off your mask while playing in your rented simulator, since golfing is a physical activity
  • We will respect your Constitutional Rights, but also want you to consider the concerns of others.  No one will be forced to do anything, but we do ask that you show grace to one another!
  • All staff members will have masks when interacting with customers, except for in our office area where we have separate our desks appropriately
  • We will supply already sanitized and bagged golf balls to use and after, you are to place them into one of our “Wash Bins” located throughout the facility
  • We will limit the # of people in the two new simulators since they are close to one another, yet clearly 6′ apart!
  • Bring your own clubs to play with, unless you don’t have any and need to rent clubs
  • If you need to borrow clubs, we are supplying up to 4 clubs only, which will also be sanitized thereafter. Please also place them into one of the Wash Bins
  • Common areas, bathrooms, doors and other frequently touched areas will be cleaned every 2-3 hours depending upon the number of patrons/ traffic
  • If you have concerns and want to email them, we welcome you emailing them to

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