Covid-19 Safety & Sanitation Processes

We are not taking our reopening lightly, and have prayed for many weeks leading to this decision. We feel the timing is right to reopen in order to serve our customers and come together as a community. Read more regarding how we are ensuring customer safety at Genesis Golf, in accordance with the CDC directives.

Golf courses opened in early May in PA, and York County went to yellow last week for retail. Are we a golf course? Where do we fit? At this point, our industry is so young (indoor golf) that we don’t truly know where we fit. You can play a round of golf here. You can purchase retail from our Pro Shop. We’re not a gym, as we don’t have weight equipment that others sweat on and change stations every two minutes. But it doesn’t matter. We are a business that we feel can serve our community and do good and not harm.

On May 7th, Hopewell Township (which we reside) passed a resolution to allow their municipality businesses to open. Shrewsbury Borough has now also done so and we are hopeful the Stewartstown Borough will soon do the same.

We have however remained closed until this time. After many weeks of prayer, we are standing in alignment with the ReOpenYorkPA initiative to help creative forward momentum for our State and York County. Businesses face risk every day, certainly in the golf industry with swinging clubs and golf balls. So cleaning, creating social distancing and putting new processes in place is what we do. Small businesses can evolve more quickly than larger businesses, and you will see this when you come to Genesis Golf. Some of the ways include:

  • Please make an in advance reservations (tee time), especially for evening hours. No one can wait in the lobby area when someone else is checking in or checking out
  • We will stagger tee times and also leave 15 minutes in between for checking out patrons and sanitizing your station
  • A sneeze guard has been installed at our Snack Shack, where transactions will be made
  • We have a new waiver to sign when arriving, we request that you wear a face mask when entering the building, walking in common areas or when a Genesis Representative comes into your simulator area to set up the system. We do allow you to take off your mask while playing in your rented simulator since golfing is a physical activity
  • We want to be a safe haven for customers, as we’ve always been. We will respect your rights, but also want you to consider the concerns of others and love others like Christ loves us. No one will be forced to do anything, but we do ask that you show grace
  • All staff members will have masks when interacting with customers, except for in our office area where we have separate our desks appropriately
  • We will supply already sanitized and bagged golf balls to use and after, you are to place them into one of our “Wash Bins” located throughout the facility
  • Simulators will be limited in number of people if not within the same household: The private over-sized Foresight simulator will be limited to 3 players, the MD or PA semi-private simulators to 2 players each and the Skytrak Range to 2 players. No one will be on the SNAG classroom floor when the Skytrak Range is in use.
  • Bring your own clubs to play with, unless you don’t have any and need to rent clubs
  • If you need to borrow clubs, we are supplying up to 4 clubs only, which will also be sanitized thereafter. Please also place them into one of the Wash Bins
  • Common areas, bathrooms, doors and other frequently touched areas will be cleaned every 2-3 hours depending upon the number of patrons/ traffic
  • If you have concerns and want to email them, we welcome you emailing them to

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