Introductory Junior Golf Classes

8 Weeks of Introductory Golf for Beginner Junior Golfers

The perfect way to see if your child likes golf!

Genesis Golf offers several “Mini Class” sessions consisting of evening classes for 8-weeks. This is ideal for children that don’t have much or any golf experience in various age groups from 5 through age 12.  No clubs are required, as we utilize our onsite SNAG equipment (Starting New at Golf) as endorsed by the PGA/LPGA and perfect for kids with little or no experience. This is a great way to build a foundation of golf basics, safety, character building and spark an interest in the game of golf.

These classes are taught in our open classroom area using our PGA/LPGA endorsed SNAG clubs. We introduce the foundation of stance, grip, putting and chipping in a group setting with fun at the forefront.  Our approach is light on form and golf rules, but heavier on tackling fear and putting ideas into play. Technique and expectations are addressed at the beginning with instructional correction as they “play” and put into practice golf basics and build upon what’s learned each week.  This is a good class  for children that have tagged along with parents to the driving range, but don’t have clubs or haven’t taken lessons or participated in a golf camp.

The Genesis Golf Goal – to prepare juniors for our 20-week ‘Get Golf ReadyWinter Junior Golf Academy or a local course junior golf program!

  • Elementary Age Kids: Ages 8-12+ – click here to register/pay online
  • Pee Wees: Ages 5-7, call with questions about suitability – click here to register/pay online
  • Next Series is February – March (week of Feb 3rd – March 23rd)
  • Class Details: 8 weeks, with a minimum of 3 students/class
  • Cost: Just $125/student, call to register or do it online by clicking on the below desired class. When registering your child online, list the first name of your child and age in the first payment field called, “On Behalf of…”

Want more information? Email Genesis Golf or call 717-993-3028

Other Forms for Registration or Payment Via Check

Paying for registration online is just one way to begin the registration process. However, we do need all of our forms filled out to fully register your child. You can download them here, or call to request to have them mailed.

Classes Offered Timing:  Up to 5x a year and sometimes offsite at other locations, call for info

Kids will be separated into age groups first, and then girls separated if possible into a girls only class.

  • November – Mid-January
  • February – March
  • April – May
  • June – July
  • September – October

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