Summer Junior Golf Camps

Where Junior Golf Begins:  5 Weeks, 2 Age Groups, Snack included for $225/camper

Early Registration Discount:  Register by Friday, June 7th to save $25/child. 

In order to introduce new kids to the game of golf, we are launching an aggressive camp schedule to accommodate younger beginner kids that don’t have a lot of experience and need to understand the mechanics of the various golf swings and gain a base understanding of the various swing types.

This is even good for kids who have clubs, but never learned the differences between the four swings or have grasped grip, posture, stance and balance, navigating the course and swing selection, aim, rules, etiquette and more.  This is a fun and safe learning environment, aimed at also introducing your golfer to others of similar age and experience. Many of the kids that do this program continue on during the winter in our golf preparatory program that truly gets them “greens ready.”

We teach using SNAG (Starting New at Golf) as part of The First Tee program. Camps include a snack, drink mid-way through each session.  All camps are Monday – Friday from 8:30am drop-off to 12:00pm.  Each day we will focus on a new concept and also apply previous taught concepts to tie them all together for the final day. We cover basics, but also allow them to use their natural talents, therefore not frustrating your child and turning them away from golf. You can expect the following concepts to be covered:

  • Grip and stance
  • Putting direction and distance controls
  • Chipping purpose, stance, form and then direction and distance controls
  • Dial of the clock and how and when to adjust
  • Pitching purpose, stance, form and distance or height controls
  • Chipping & Putting combined stations
  • Daily play and practice with real clubs in the indoor range and golf simulator

We also ensure during each day that we:

  • Work at the pace of the children so as to not lose a child or over challenge them
  • Move and change up their environment every 20 or 30 minutes to keep juniors engaged
  • Provide ample water breaks including and a snack break
  • Introduce the First Tee core values and characteristic building concepts
  • Provide some basics on rules and navigating the course
  • Ensure safety is our biggest priority always!

Below are our following camp dates and online payment registration links. NOTE: if we do not have a minimum of 4 golfers per week, we will cancel the camp and suggest other weeks that have openings. If those other open weeks don’t work with your availability, we will refund your money.

Weekly camps are limited to just 10 golfers per week. Registration requires payment online or via check, with spots filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Informational forms and waivers can be turned in the first day of camp or sent in prior.  You MUST abide by the age brackets, as its extremely important to teach by age and cognitive ability.

  • Week One for Elementary-Aged Kids (ages 8+):  June 10-14 – to register and pay online, click here
  • Week Two for Pee Wee Kids (ages 5-7):  June 17-21 – to register and pay online, click here
  • Week Three for Elementary-Aged Kids (age 8+) :  June 24-28 – to register and pay online, click here
  • Week Four for Pee Wee Kids (ages 5-7):  July 8-12 – to register and pay online, click here
  • Week Five for Elementary-Aged Kids (ages 8+):  July 22-26 – to register and pay online, click here

Our Mission: to glorify God through the game of golf, one child at a time!

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