Junior Golf Lessons – Individual & Tandem

Tandem Lessons with a Friend

This is a custom option for junior golfers that have a friend at the same level of golf game. Join forces with another parent to have a joint tandem class for your juniors for an hour long lesson, for either 4 or 8 lessons minimum. These lessons as well are all taught in the Hitting Zone area with perhaps a little time as well spent on putting. Available in lesson packs.

  • 4-lesson pack is $30/lesson
  • 8-lesson pack – $25/lesson
Individual Junior Lessons (45 minutes)

Your junior golfer does better by himself or herself or maybe has become very serious in their game. We offer junior lessons for 45 minutes, any longer is too much.

  • 4-lesson pack – $40/lesson
  • 8-lesson pack – $35/lesson

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