Junior Golf Lesson Options

Junior Swing Evaluation

If you would like to have your child evaluated in an hour long session with some instructional tips and advice on the right program and Coach fit, this can be individually scheduled for $40/session.

Individual Junior Lessons

We offer individual junior lessons for 45 minutes, with a 15-minute warm-up and use of the simulator space for the whole hour. These are sold in blocks of 8, with consistent scheduling (night, time) and verified through our confirmation system.
Cost: $275 for an 8-lesson pack slightly less than $35/lesson.

Tandem Junior Lessons

Tandem lessons are great for two kids that are friends and play at the same level. It combines a more highly advanced and personalized lesson with much needed socializing. This is an hour-long lesson time sold in blocks of 8, with consistent scheduling (night, time).
Cost: $200 for an 8-lesson pack slightly $25/lesson.

Special Accommodation Individual Lessons

We see the need to offer a more personalized learning experience for some kids that have special needs, such as: physical, emotional, spectrum or autism. We individualize the play time to your child to create a more successful experience. There are a few instructors that have a heart for passing along the love for golf with these very special kids. In addition to fun and golf instruction, we also bring patience, kindness, encouragement and more!

Lesson Time: ½ hour with an instructor
Lesson Details: 8 week package, individually scheduled
Cost: $160/student, scheduling is flexible

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