2021-2022 Junior Winter Golf Academy


Genesis Golf is pushing forward for the 2021-2022 winter, to regrow our youth programs and grow the game!  It was the demand for junior development that inspired our creation, so it’s time to refocus once again. What’s super exciting, is that Coach Blake is returning in a bigger way, leading and developing all curriculum. He has been teaching junior golf at multiple facilities since 2015 and has been a part of Genesis since 2016.

Please note, we are not requiring masks this winter, but our class sizes are no more than 4 kids at a time. If your child is sick, we certainly request that you notify us and keep your child home. However, if you want your child in a mask only class, we are open to forming a class, but will need your help in finding other parents to pair up with your child. We are wiling and flexible to adapt to all.

If you would rather download and save our Winter Flier, click here.

Scheduling, Class Series & More!

In the past, we had to offer very set dates and schedules, knowing Coach Blake needed to transition to the course each spring.  Having Blake here year-round will make a huge difference and provide the opportunity to release classes and enrollments on a more ongoing basis!

  • Flight 1 Winter Academy Deadline – EXTENDED due to winter sports schedules: Nov 10
  • Holiday Break: All classes will be on break the week of Dec 27 – Dec 31st
  • Class Length: Golf 101 is 8 weeks. Level 1, 2 are 12 weeks, Individual & Tandem lessons are 7 weeks

Beginning & Ending Dates of our Programs

Junior Classes are held on Tue, Wed and Thu nights. We do NOT have class the week between Christmas and New Year’s nor Thanksgiving week. 

8-Week Beginner Classes

  • Flight 1 Golf 101 Class:  Nov 16 – Jan 18
  • Flight 2 Golf 101 Class:  Jan 25 – Mar 22
  • Flight 3 Golf 101 Class:  Mar 29 – May 3

12-Week Academy Classes

  • Flight 1 Winter Academy: Nov 16 – Feb 15
  • Flight 2 Winter Academy: Jan 25 – Apr 12
  • Flight 3 Winter Academy: Mar 8 – May 31

Junior Memberships

Genesis Golf is offering limited junior memberships that want to practice each week and benefit from more regular play. Junior Members are limited to 2 reservations/week per person, but its unlimited for walk-in’s. Junior members include use of the upfront classroom area and the Caged Skytrak Range.

Requires parental supervision onsite for kids under age 14.  Just $40/month for current Genesis students or $50/month for non-students. Memberships require a minimum of 3 months. Please note, adult supervision will not be provided other than occasional checking-in’s.

Beginner 8-Week Introductory Classes

If you child has no experience, this is a great way to spark a new interest and gain a strong foundation in golf basics and safety.  These classes will be taught in our open classroom using PGA endorsed SNAG equipment.  SNAG equipment is great for those that are learning because they are large, oversized clubs combined with tennis balls, making striking success that much easier.  With our small class sizes, we are able to pay special attention to every student to make sure no one is left behind.  The main goal for us is to discover an interest for the game along with making new friends in a fun environment. This is a good foundation to prepare students for our Winter Academy and for early elementary-aged children.

Sample Class Schedule: this is for non Pee Wee classes, with Pee Wee aged kids we may take more time on the foundations and not get to the full swing

  • Weeks 1-2: Putting
  • Weeks 3-4: Chipping
  • Weeks 5-6: Pitching
  • Weeks 7-8 Full Swing


  • Pee Wees: Ages 5-7    Elementary: 8-11+
  • Cost: $150/student
  • Class Details: 8 weeks, 50 minutes, equipment provided


Level 1: Get Golf Ready Academy

If you child has completed one of our introductory classes or another golf program, this is the next step for them.  The program follows a curriculum established by our Director of Instruction, Blake Testerman.  Students in this academy will utilize the entire facility during their time with us.  We will take the basic knowledge that they have of the game and build on that in every aspect.  They will gain knowledge of the 4 swings used in golf along with basic knowledge of rules and on course etiquette.

  • Suitable for: Ages 8-14+, grouped by age/skill level
  • Class Details: 12 weeks, 60 minutes + teaching materials, Know Your Rules bag tags
  • Equipment: not provided. Call if you need help, we may have clubs to fit, but would have to remain here
  • Cost: $300/student


Level 2:  Get Course Ready Academy

This academy is designed for those that have completed our Level 1: Get Golf Ready Academy and are ready to start thinking about getting on the course.  This academy will follow a curriculum developed by our Director of Instruction, Blake Testerman.  Students will not only continue to gain knowledge when it comes to their individual swings but will be introduced to things related to playing a round of golf (virtually in our case), different formats of play and course rules.  Those that complete this academy should expect to feel comfortable getting onto the golf course in a summer program.

  • Suitable for: 8-14+ grouped by age/skill
  • Class Details: 12 weeks, 75 minutes, + teaching materials, Know Your Rules bag tags
  • Cost: $350/student


Junior Golf Lessons

We offer individual or tandem lessons sold individually or in blocks of 7 total lessons.  All lessons taught by our Director of Instruction, Blake Testerman.  These are perfect for those children that work and learn better in an individual environment or that are more advanced golfers.

  • Suitable for: Ages 7+    Cost:
  • Individual Lessons – $45/hour, Buy 6, Get 1
  • Tandem Lessons (side-by-side bays) – $60/hour ($30/child), Buy 6, Get 1 Free


Spring Dates & Programs, TBD

We are still in discussion about our spring and summer programs. Ideas include junior spring league, clinics, and “taking it to the course” options.

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