2023 Junior Golf Academy


Genesis Golf has been at the forefront of junior golf development, since 2017. We specialize with juniors of all types and introducing the game at a very young age. Our teaching ratio is the best around, with no more than a 4-to-1 ratio for our classes. We are also more accommodating than other organizations, as a community-oriented small business.

Winter is the best time to start your junior’s golf game.  It also is the best time to grow their finesse of the game, making strides in a few years, compared to kids that it may take years to get that far.  When you don’t stop your game, its crazy how much new ground you can cover!  Best yet, we pride ourselves in having the BEST student to teacher ratio around: 4:1

  • Junior Classes are held on Tuesday & Thursday evenings and some Saturdays (extended end date). 
  • Classes Begin the week of November 6th
  • Registration — EXTENDED through Friday, Nov 4th!  Don’t delay! 

8-Week Beginner Classes

  • Flight 1 Introductory Classes:  Nov 8 – Dec 27
  • Flight 2 Introductory Classes:  Jan 3 – Feb 21
  • Flight 3 Introductory Classes:  Mar 7 – Apr 25
  • Flight 4 Introductory Classes:  May 2 – Jun 20
  • Flight 3 & 4 temporarily on hold, we apologize for an inconvenience 

12-Week Academy Classes

  • Flight 1 Winter Academy: Nov 8 – Jan 24
  • Flight 2 Winter Academy: Feb 7 – Apr 25

Flight 1 Class Schedule



Download a copy of our Winter Golf Academy Flier 

Call 717-993-3028, TEXT 717-746-7038 or email info@genesis.golf. We  welcome conversations with the parents prior to ensure your child is signed up for the correct class or option


Beginner 8-Week Introductory Classes

If you child has no experience, this is a great way to spark a new interest and gain a strong foundation in golf basics and safety.  These classes will be taught on our classroom floor using PGA endorsed SNAG equipment.  SNAG equipment is great for those that are learning because they are large, oversized clubs combined with tennis balls, making striking success that much easier.  With our small class sizes, we are able to pay special attention to every student to make sure no one is left behind.  Juniors will be introduced to stance, grip and putting. They will then progress into chipping mechanics and end with a little on the pitch swing mechanics.

  • Pee Wee Introductory Classes: Ages 5-7
  • Elementary Introductory Classes: 8-11+
  • Cost: $200/student, click HERE to register
  • Student Ratio: 4:1
  • Class Details: 8 weeks, 1 hour, equipment provided


Pee Wee Hybrid to Clubs Class

If you child has no experience, this is a great way to spark a new interest and gain a strong foundation in golf basics and safety

  • Pee Wee Hybrid to Clubs Class: Ages 5-7
  • Cost: $250/student, click HERE to register
  • Student Ratio: 4:1
  • Class Details: 8 weeks, 1 hour, clubs required and classes are held in the back Foresight simulator room


Level 1: Get Golf Ready Academy

After our Introductory Golf Class, this is the next step.  Students in this academy will utilize the entire facility during their time with us, but will be in our simulators most of the time.  We will take the basic knowledge that they have of the game and build on that in every aspect.  They will gain knowledge of the 4 swings used in golf along with learning to strike the ball more consistently and begin understanding some mechanics of the swing.

  • Suitable for: Ages 8-14+, grouped by age/skill level
  • Elementary/Middle School Classes: Ages 8-12
  • Teen Aged Classes: 12-15+
  • Class Details: 12 weeks, 60 minutes + teaching materials, Know Your Rules bag tags
  • Equipment: not provided, but call if you need help
  • Cost: $350/student, click HERE to register


Level 2:  Get Course Ready Academy

Level 2 is designed for kids that have a base on the mechanics and are ready to start thinking about getting on the course.  Students will continue to gain knowledge swing mechanics, but will be introduced to golf strategy and course rules.

  • Suitable for: 10-14+ grouped by age/skill
  • Class Details: 12 weeks, 75 minutes, + teaching materials, Know Your Rules bag tags
  • Cost: $400/student, click here to register


Junior Golf Lessons

We offer individual or tandem lessons sold individually or in blocks of 7 total lessons. These are perfect for those children that learn better in an individual setting or for more advanced golfers.

  • Suitable for: Ages 9+
  • Individual Jr Lesson – $55/hour
  • Individual Buy 6, Get 1 for $330 – $47.14/session
  • Tandem Jr Lesson – $40/child, $45 w/ 2 sims
  • Tandem Buy 6, Get 1 applicable
  • Call to inquire and get scheduled, you get to choose your schedule


Junior Memberships

We are offering junior memberships for enrolled students that want to practice each week and benefit from more regular play. Junior members include use of the upfront classroom and Caged Skytrak Range and can be used anytime that we don’t have a class or event. Requires parental supervision for kids under age 14.  6 months required

  • 6-Month Billing Option: $30/month
  • 6-Month Paid in Advance Option: $120


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