Genesis Golf Clinics at Black Horse Golf


Back for 2024 at Black Horse Golf in White Hall, MD

Genesis Golf is bringing back our Summer Tune Up Golf Clinic Series.  Just starting your game?  Or perhaps you just need help on the specific swing type we are focusing that week.  These are held on Sunday afternoons for 90-minutes.

Clinics are limited in size but also have a minimum participation level in order to be held. Therefore require pre-registration. If there is a rainout, Genesis will move the clinic to Genesis Golf in our indoor simulator bays in Stewartstown, PA.   

NOTE:  we must have a minimum of 6 sign-ups or we will cancel an event and try rescheduling for a fall date.  

Each Clinic Series Covers the Following Topics Each Session:  It includes 5 Clinics in all. If you miss a clinic and want to make it up, you can show up 15 minutes early for the following clinic for a brief overview. 

  • Clinics Begin on Sunday, June 23rd
  • Purchase the Entire Summer Series (5) Clinics for just $150
  • Purchase (4) Clinics for just $125
  • Purchase an Individual Clinic for just $45
  • Clinics Run 2:00pm – 3:30pm

Register & Learn More Today on our Genesis Golf Academy Page


Sunday, June 23rd Clinic Topic

Drain More Putts Clinics.  So, it took you 2 to get on the green, maybe 3. How many strokes does it take to make the hole? Putting is a game changer, and can literally double your number of strokes. We will also cover important foundational things such as stance, grip, posture and body movement




Sunday, July 7th Clinic Topic

Chip Like a Pro Clinic. You’ll learn about: good stance, the purpose of a chip, a flop shot and how to chip it straight and will distance accuracy. Your short game is the most important and good chipping can shave 1+ putt off your score if done right. 




Sunday, July 21st Clinic Topic

Pitch & Stick Your Distance Clinic. The next best shot to figure out in order to stick it on the green! Know your distances and how to differentiate your swing.




Sunday, August 4th Clinic Topic

Drive it Straight Clinics. The driver sometimes gives challenges to golfers, given its length and how it multiplies how “off” your swing is, given distance only multiplies the degree off.




Sunday, August 18th Clinic Topic

Pure Your Irons. You can hit your driver, your woods and even your short irons, however your longer irons give you a fit. Get some tips on getting consistent with your longer irons.






Standalone Clinic – Dates TBD

Golf Rules & Etiquette. Even if you are a golfer returning to the game or you are a new golfer, this is a great way to be a player that knows his or her stuff. Rules have changed and so get the latest changes and get knowledgeable. This will be a classroom setup.



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