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Great Golf Lesson Packs & Player Packages 

The following bundles and packages are great for golfers of all abilities that live in either York County, PA or in northern Baltimore County, MD. Genesis Golf is located just 6 miles off of Interstate 83 near the PA/MD state lines with easy access to either markets. No matter rain or shine, daylight or night, Genesis Golf offers golfers access to game improvement or golfing fun all year long!

Adult Golf Lesson Options 

  • Private PGA Lessons are $70 per hour (adults) or $60 (juniors)
  • Private Non-PGA Lessons are $50-60 per hour (beginner adults and juniors)
  • Private Playing Lesson for Adults, TBD. On-the-course Private Lessons are available, but require a minimum of 2 hours and are only an option for someone who has already started lessons. This is an option to take it to the course and put it all together or face that persistent issue that plagues you with some new adjustments. You must make the tee time and pay for your round at the course, letting them know its a playing lesson. We suggest later mornings or mid-days weekdays, later evenings on non league nights or later afternoons on prime weekends. There will be no charge for the Genesis instructor as long as we have an affiliation
  • 2-Person “Tandem” Lesson, + $20. This includes use of our PA and MD simulators with one instructor to teach both you and a friend.  This is a great option for two people that want to maximize their play time, instead of take turns, and get a little socializing in as well. Buy 6, Get 1 Free!
  • Offsite Teaching Locations. We are authorized to teach and either walk or ride along with you at Pleasant Valley Golf Club, Heritage Hills Resort or Black Horse Golf

Buy 6 Lessons, Get 1 Free Package

Genesis offers a package option for the golfer that wants to work for a season on his or her game. This includes the option to purchase at the onset or after the 2nd lesson, the entire package of 6 lessons and the 7th lesson scheduled will be free! 

Lesson Program Package Limited Term Notice. Lesson packages are valid for up to one year from date of purchase, but as of 12/12/22 all lesson packages will be valid for up to 6 month.

Want to Get Started?  Call Genesis and talk with Kim Carl to get matched to the right person. Dial 717-993-3028 ext. 116 or email 

Meet the Genesis Golf Team! 

Updated: 5/30/2024

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