Indoor Golf Simulator

Technology FAQ’s

  • Skytrak Technology provides Bag Mapping, Wedge Matrix and distance challenges for great pdf reports. Save your playing data to a thumb-drive
  • Club Face & Golf Swing Analysis. Are you that golfer, who needs to figure out what’s happening with your swing? Use one of our two new simulators featuring The Golf Club 2019 for club face and swing path data, short game practice areas and even putting practice
  • Golf Video Games for Kids & Families. Genesis Golf is a gamers paradise! Golf expertise is not necessary, just a penchant for gaming and trying out your swing.  This gaming software combines golf  in varying settings, such as:  zombie golf, carnival, soccer, arcade, space galaxy golf and more!
  • Round of Golf using The Golf Club 2019 Technology. There are over 150,000 golf courses to choose from including renown courses such as St. Andrews & Augusta National or even some local courses like the Links at Gettysburg or Dauphin Highlands
  • Round of Golf using Foresight Technology. This launch monitor is a little more forgiving on shots and offers classic courses such as Pebble Beach, Spyglass and more

Golf Simulator FAQ’s

• Bring your own clubs, or borrow some of ours. NOTE: we only have a few sizes for left-handed players and the technology does not work with our junior SNAG clubs
• Your first time may take you longer to play a simulator, there is a learning curve!
• Left-handed golfers mixed in with right-hand players may affect pace of play due to moving the camera in between shots
• One golfer can play 18 holes in one hour
• 4 players can play 9 holes within 2 hours
• 4 players can play 18 holes within 4 hours


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