Where Golfing Fun Begins for Junior Golfers

Where Golfing Fun Begins for all ages in York County, PA!  Sometimes, the very rules that define the sport present like a wall to climb over for golfers just starting out. We realize this and offer interested individuals and groups the opportunity to experience golf in a fun format, using PGA endorsed equipment, but that’s easier to understand. Genesis Golf  is pioneering a creative teaching method with our creative team and PGA endorsed SNAG® equipment developed specifically for junior golfers which features: larger club faces, fun Velcro targets and (safer) tennis balls in lieu of golf balls. Add in the team’s creativity for fun and games, while still teaching golf basics, and it cultivates a non-intimidating, fun environment.

This is perfect for those without experience, no parental involvement is needed and all equipment is provided. Remember however, learning to play golf takes more than a single camp or experience. It’s a game many improve on over a lifetime. Our goal is to introduce your child, your wife or girlfriend, your husband or boyfriend or even YOU, with a series of camps and clinics to build your confidence and be ready to take the next step. When you are ready, we will point you in the right direction depending upon your objectives.

Golf is a game that challenges us both physically and mentally. In fact, its mostly a game within your head. It also teaches character development of traits that we all should have more of:  courage, attitude, etiquette, honor, creativity, patience and discipline. Best yet, its not about just sharing these character traits with others, but also with ourselves!  Each junior golf session we have with your child, will touch upon the wonderful character traits we know to be development with the game of golf.

Golf is COOL. Yes, its a sport that can last a lifetime and golfers of all ages can compete.  As the golf industry evolves, Genesis Golf plans to be at the forefront of it, listening to the youth of York County (and northern Baltimore County) on what they like about it, would like to see and how make make it more fun. We know one thing, youth today are looking for more social outlets, so you can bet this will become central in our efforts and in introducing not only youth to golf, but to each other.

Genesis Golf is located in southern York County, PA near the Mason Dixon line and is easily accessible to both York and northern Baltimore County residents. “We want to bring fun and purpose back into the game of golf, a game we are passionate about in addition to the youth of tomorrow.  It’s time! ” – Kim Carl, Owner.

Genesis Golf Junior Mission

Genesis Golf strives to promote golf to younger kids to feed more youth into the game of golf. Our approach and programs plant seeds with both juniors at a critical time of development. We advise and connect our students to various regional golf resources to aid in the success of our juniors. Our goal is to impart on the whole child, within three areas: game knowledge, game skill and game character.

Good Golfers. Better People! 

We are a proud part of The First Tee DRIVE program developed by the PGA and LPGA. As such, we following their curriculum guidelines for beginner junior golfers, but with our own twists to keep each session fun and challenging alike. The age of each class also impacts how we adapt each class as well. Our beginner and intermediate junior golf classes are intended for junior golfers not playing with their own clubs and comfortable enough to play on their own. Its designed to teach the rules of golf slowly, the four kinds of swings and their purposes. Its a great segway to getting them ready to have clubs and begin understanding the purposes of their varying irons, wedges, drivers and putter.

The First Tee & Golf4Kids program at Genesis Golf doesn’t just teach golf, it teaches life skills — and we have the research and results to back it up. After three years in the program, youth at The First Tee chapters reported through independent research¹:

  • 73% reported high confidence in their ability to do well academically.
  • 82% felt confident in their social skills with peers.
  • 52% credited the program for their ability to appreciate diversity.

To get started, we request an evaluation of your child to determine where to best place your child, evaluating age, golf experience, golf goals, golf skills and maturity. We will also attempt to group similar kids, where natural breaks appear, knowing that having fun is also very important.

To learn more about this unique forward-thinking approach to embrace the game of golf, call 717-993-3028.

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