Junior Golf Waiver Forms

Our Registration Process includes a Waiver Release

  1. Register your child by making your payment for the option desired
  2. Once submitted, we will acknowledge your registration via email and possibly call with questions for new juniors
  3. You can fill out the Student Permission & Waiver Form at Genesis and then scan it and email info@genesis.golf or you can mail it to Genesis Golf, 200 Bailey Dr, Ste. 104, Stewartstown PA 17363, or you can fax is to 1-866-266-1359. You can also bring it filled out the first day of class. It must be received for your child to participate

We also request that you read through our Policies & Procedures as it relates to safety and working with kids. Both you and your child will be required to sign off on these policies the first night of each semester. Please review and discuss the Class Conduct & Safety Rules with your child as we emphasize it throughout any class period.  Also, please download our Policies & Procedures.  

If you have any questions about the appropriate class placement for your child, we urge you to talk with us before registering. We would rather ensure your child is appropriately placed, happy and learning than to frustrate him or her and create negative feelings about golf. Our purpose is just the opposite. We aim to create a positive, fun and encouraging environment to grow both personally and in one’s game of golf.  You can reach Coach Blake at ext. 112 or Kim at ext. 116.


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